Brake Repairs

Brakes not performing as they should?

If you’re worried that your brakes aren’t performing as they should be we can quickly diagnose the fault, whether its just a brake pad replacement or a full brake system upgrade we can help.

All the parts we use are OE quality and come with a 12 month warranty as standard, do for any of your brake repair needs get in touch with Automax Banbury.

How long to brake pads last?

As a general rule of thumb, there’s about a 40,000 mile range in play. Average brake pad life is somewhere around 25,000 to 65,000 miles. However, many people have heard of brake pads lasting more than 70,000 miles, even beyond the 80,000 mile threshold. You may have even experienced super-long brake pad wear yourself.

Why are my brakes making a grinding/screeching noise?

Usually when brakes make a grinding or screeching noise it means the pads have worn out. Most modern cars come with brake pad warning systems which alert the driver when the pads are low. If we check the brakes early enough we may be able to save you the cost of replacing the discs. If you are worried about your brakes pop down for one of our free brake checks.

Why does my brake pedal vibrate when I brake?

Does your brake pedal vibrate or judder when using the brake? If so this usually means the brake discs have become warped, in most cases this would mean replacing the discs and pads but can sometimes be down to damaged wheel hubs or debris between the disc and the hub.